Thursday, March 11, 2010

Third African IRPA Regional Conference 2010

Full Conference Description

Theme: Strengthening Radiation Protection Infrastructures in Africa

Dates: September 19-24, 2010

Venue: Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), Nairobi, Kenya

Eastern Africa Association for Radiation Protection (EAARP) is hosting the third African International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) Regional Conference (AFRIRPA2010) on 19-24, September 2010, in Nairobi, Kenya. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to welcome you to join us in this unique scientific and cultural experience. AFRIRPA 2010 will provide a platform to share the latest scientific updates, current developments, and future trends in radiation protection.

Introduction: Radiation is an inescapable part of the natural environment, and it is also produced artificially with a variety of unique applications in health, enironmental studies, industry, etc. It is evident that our present and future lifestyles are unsustainable without peaceful applications of radiation technologies. Events around the world continue to indicate an increasing need for nuclear and other renewable energy sources. According to the recommendations of a high level African Regional Conference on the contribution of Nuclear Energy to Peace and Sustainable Development held in January 2007 in Algiers, which was adopted by the Executive council of Ministers during the 8th African Union (AU) summit of January 2007, ‘it is important for African countries to promote the acquisition of scientific know-how and the necessary infrastructure for the peaceful use of nuclear energy’. However, in order to derive the full benefits of nuclear energy and radiation technologies certain protective measures must be established and used correctly. Experts will examine how far the African states are benefiting from these technologies and make recommendations for further improvements both in the
applications and in the safety aspects.

Conference Theme: Regional IRPA conferences have been held twice in Africa: South Africa in 2003; and Egypt in April, 2007. When the EAARP was bestowed the honour of hosting the AFRIRPA2010 in Nairobi they wanted to make an impact on the Radiation Protection infrastructure and practices in Africa, hence the choice of our conference theme: “Strengthening Radiation Protection Infrastructures in Africa: Towards Establishing Effective and Sustainable Co-operations and Networks”. With this slogan they plan to create opportunities for open highlevel discussions by the relevant stakeholders with a view to present an accurate current situation of applications of radiation technologies and radiation protection practices in Africa, and make resolutions for necessary improvements. Such discussions will involve decision makers, professionals in various fields of applications of radiation, relevant organizations (local and international, governmental and NGO) and the general public. It is their hope that attendance and contributions will help shape the future of applications and safety of radiation technologies in Africa.

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