Thursday, March 11, 2010

Electricity, Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Wind & Geothermal

Electricity -production
5.223 billion kWh (2008 est.)

Electricity - consumption:
4.863 billion kWh (2008 est.)

Electricity -exports:
58.3 million kWh (2007 est.)

Electricity - imports:
22.5 million kWh (2007 est.)

Oil - production:
0 bbl/day (2008 est.)

Oil - consumption
75,000 bbl/day (2008 est.)

Oil - exports:
7,270 bbl/day (2007 est.)

Oil - imports:
80,530 bbl/day (2007 est.)

Oil - proved reserves:
0 bbl (1 January 2009 est.)

Natural gas - production:
0 cu m (2008 est.)

Natural gas - consumption:
0 cu m (2008 est.)

Natural gas - exports:
0 cu m (2008 est.)

Natural gas - imports:
0 cu m (2008 est.)

Natural gas - proved reserves:
0 cu m (1 January 2009 est.)

Hydroelectric power - production:

3.25 billion kwh (2006)

Hydroelectric power - consumption:

3.25 billion kwh (2006)

Coal - production:
0 million short tons (2006)

Coal - consumption:
0.154 million short tons (2006)

There have been various reports about the discovery of commercial quantities of coal in Eastern Kenya and talks with China to build a railway line for transportation of the coal from the region. (

Wind farm in the Ngong hills on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya
Photograph: Stephen Morrison/EPA
Some 365 giant wind turbines are to be installed in desert around Lake Turkana in northern Kenya, creating the biggest windfarm on the continent. When complete in 2012, the £533m project will have a capacity of 300MW, a quarter of Kenya's current installed power and one of the highest proportions of wind energy to be fed in a national grid anywhere in the world. Currently fewer than one-in-five Kenyans has access to electricity. (, 7/27/09)

Approximately 11% of KenGen's installed capacity comes from geothermal plants, which tap into the hot rocks a mile beneath the Rift Valley to release steam to power turbines. (Guardian)

No nuclear power plants. Very little solar.

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