Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boaz Adhengo's Housing Saga

Boaz Adhengo Police Report

Boaz Adhengo was beaten and forced from his home in Kajiado County, Kenya because he is not Maasai.  The issue for Maasai elders and their youthful henchmen was that land being sold by the municipal government to “outsiders.”  A group of you young Maasai men armed with machetes clubbed and hit him with.  Now Boaz is one of the hundreds of people who bought land in Kajiado County, but who are now being targeted by locals for eviction. They now find themselves unable to utilize their land.

Boaz's home doubles as the AAEA Kenya Office, so essentially, AAEA was evicted from its office.  To get the full story, you should read the police report listed at the link above.  The photos below show the original house in Kajiado County and the subsequent home he had to build to reestablish a residence and AAEA Office.

Boaz lost all of his furnishing, appliances, computers and much more.  If you can help him, please feel free to reach out to him.  We are very proud to be associated with such a dynamic individual.

While Adhengo holds that his title deed is valid, several other investors who bought land from areas like Kitengela, Rongai and other parts of Kajiado County have found themselves either homeless or fighting court battles to retain land that was allegedly acquired unprocedurally.

Kisaju Location chief David Teekais is promoting the evictions.  His view is that some people acquired land at throwaway prices and in other cases of people who stole title deeds from their parents later sold the land to those regarded as outsiders. The general feeling is that our ancestral land is being taken away by outsiders and Chief Teekais and his young squad of goons will not allow it. (Standard)

Boaz built his home in Kajiado, Kenya










Boaz Constructed A New Home



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