Thursday, September 15, 2011

AAEA Director Named Editor of Balozi Journal Magazine

A Journey Magazine into Science, Reason & Rationality [January 2012 Vol. 5.]

Boaz Adhengo has been named editor of the Balozi Journal, which will examine numerous issues within the broad categories of: 1) Science, 2) Reason, and 3) Rationality.  Mr. Adhengo is excited about the new assignment. 

Please feel free to donate to this new effort.


One of the first articles in the journal includes the tome below:

The Range of Religious Freedom

By Paul Marshall

Belief in the supernatural dimension is central to all world religions Religion by its nature defies precise definition. However, the central commonality to all world religions is the belief in the supernatural dimension. Thus, it can be said that the most significant element of a religious worldview is this belief in a divine being or power, which is greater than humankind and the natural world. This being or power is believed to be responsible for the creation of the world, for providing a moral framework for human life and being the ultimate destiny of a human person at the end of their mortal life.

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